So, as the title of the blog says, I'm pre-sold on going to, not just Korea, but Seoul...specifically. I'm not so hot on small town America so I'm absolutely not down for living in small town "anywhere else". That being the case, and Google being my best friend, I've done a wee bit of research on getting a suitable teaching position.

According to the Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education (SMOE), there are only four companies authorized to recruit native English-speaking teachers:
Footprints Recruiting Incorporated
•Contact Person: Ben Glickman, Director of Employer Relations

Korea Connections
•Contact Person: Jay. M. Lee, Director of Employee Relations
•North American Office: Cindy Bond, Director of Employee Relations

WorknPlay Incorpotated
•Contact Person: Gloria Hwang, Recruiting Consultant

Woongjin TOS
•Contact Person: Clara Kim(Kim, Young Hee), Senior Officer
Of the above, I believe Footprints has been in existence the longest. I sent "general info" emails to all the agencies almost a month ago and Will at Footprints was the only one that responded (and quickly!) Because of that, I plan to apply through them.

I'm going to take a big sigh and dive in!