...or at least I will be according to this book:

While the cover irks me to no end--Who was the designer on this one? Weren't you the least bit perturbed about this pose? What's he doing with his hands? Were they supposed to be holding something?--it seems like a good enough place to start. I'm completely uninterested in starting off with anything academic because it's usually chapter nine or so before you learn how to say what it is you really want to say.

Also, I absolutely must take the opportunity to brag on Hanbooks.com because if you're going to pay way too much for an import + S&H, at the very least, it ought to be delivered fast. And it was! Lightening fast. I placed my order on Monday and it was in my mailbox on Wednesday. That's what I call service! Hanbooks makes the Good List.

You may, or more likely may not, recognize the author and "guy on the cover" Stephen Revere as host of one of the incarnations of Let's Speak Korean a mini microseries on the Korean state-funded channel Arirang. More recently, he did a similar series Traveler's Korean. Both programs seem pretty useful BUT being the nerd that I am, I prefer to sit down to more than 1 minute of instruction a session.

So, this week's (ok, week and a half) goal is for me to learn the Korean alphabet - Hangeul. Hopefully, by next week, I'll have figured out how to type it...