This movie is out of control! It is seriously ridiculous. I loved it!

I love pop culture in general and movies in particular. Entertainment serves as a barometer of a country's interest and humor, etc. After Full House (풀하우스) served as my gateway drug to K-pop heaven, I've been searching out new K-films to watch. This one was a great choice.

Mission Possible (권순분 여사 납치사건) tells the story of three sweet, gullible losers who decide to kidnap a rich old lady to pay off some debts surrounding some previous illegal activity. Naturally, this ajumma didn't get rich by being dumb. Chaos ensues. Eventually, everyone lives happily ever after.

Important things to note:
  • This is the second time I've seen Nah Moon Hee (나문희) beating the crap out of young people. (The first was My Name is Kim Sam Soon.) She's really good at it.
  • This little boy* (U Gun 유건) is just one more reason why older women go for younger men. Because there's no way a child could appreciate his level of beauty like a grown woman can. Recognize. He's got a serious Ashton Kutcher thing going on. Just call me Demi Moore.
  • I need to have a conversation with the special effects guy about how he got the heavy-set chick to look like Paul Bunyan. That don't make no kinda sense. Hilarious!
  • Surrealism is alive and well in Korean film.
Other than that, it's pretty entertaining and accessible. Buy a copy from YesAsia or check it out Crunchy Roll style like I did.

*No need to call the police. He's 25. Chill!