I watched The Host (괴물) again with a friend who was seeing it for the first time. On the small screen at least, the movie isn't so much scary as it is intriguing. It offers a sort of backhanded social commentary about bureaucracy (and I think the writer was insulting the US but it was well-written so it seemed justified by the storyline).

Obviously since I've watched it more than once, I liked the film. In part, I wanted to watch it with a friend to see if the moments I found so amusing are just particular to me (the memorial scene) or if they might play the same way with a friend. [Conclusion: My sense of humor is universal, I just need more tests to solidify my conclusion. ;)]

As I understand it, the film is the highest grossing K-film to date, and after watching it, it's not hard to understand why. Everybody loves a good action flick and there's unexpected moments of comedy tucked throughout.

The little girl on the poster Ko Ah Seong (고아성) did an amazing job. Her performance seemed extremely natural--a tremendous feat considering she was facing off against a creature she couldn't actually see.

Watch this one with the lights out and the volume up. You'll have loads of fun. I promise!


Kay said...

I loved "The Host" My sis and I actually saw it by accident, but we were pleasantly surprised.

Have you ever seen "D-Wars"?I hope you never have to watch that film. It's really no comparison to how good "The Host" is.