No. 1
This movie was weak.

No. 2
This movie was weak.

No. 3
Lee Dong Gun still looks like a Korean Lance Bass.

No. 4
This movie was weak.

The most interesting part of My Boyfriend is Type B is how LDG managed to look so innocent while being such an ass. My friend was dating a guy like that once. It took me a bit to realize what an absolute moocher he was. They broke up and got back together over and over for about a year or so before she gave him his walking papers. Like the character in the film, she hadn't really had a boyfriend before and she was a traditional Asian girl accustomed to doing whatever she was told to do.

That premise alone is enough for the movie not to resonate with me even if it had been a little better written. (There was hardly any conflict much like Seducing Mr. Perfect in which Daniel Henny was the only saving grace.) Characters who refuse to stand up for themselves always grate my nerves. If it wasn't for my inability to not watch something with Rain in it, I wouldn't have made it through Full House for precisely the same reason...


MoJo said...

Have you seen My Wife is a Gangster yet? Now that movie is definitely not weak.

Oh, and if you've developed some sort of fondness for the Korean Lance Bass,I like him in the drama Sweet 18. It's pretty cute and I quite like Lee Dong Gun. He's had a terrible year, but he's hard at work filming When It's At Night with Kim Sun Ah (My Lovely Sam Soon) and I look forward to seeing it.

By the way, I watch most of my K-dramas and movies on mysoju even though I do like crunchyroll... What I don't like is the E-2 visa process.