So, in a moment of boredness, I hit up my old friend Crunchy Roll for a fix. Since I've already seen Full House, I decided on Bi's other drama, Sang Doo! Let's Go To School.

In addition to all the excitement of the drama's storyline: baby mamas and gigolos y'all!--I'm on episode 3 and this beats Full House hands down--I've discovered that even my nonchalant study of Korean has enabled me to understand a few words other than "yes" and "no."

The first is sunsingyim. I know I didn't spell that right but point being, in a Pimsleur Korean lesson, I heard the word used as a substitute for sir or ma'am as in, "Excuse me sir." (shile hamnida sunsingyim.) In the drama, I hear Bi screaming it to describe his long lost love's profession. SHE'S A TEACHER! Nice.

The second one that stood out was the highly fabled ajoshi and ajumma. I had heard mention of both as if they were distinct species but this was the first time I noticed either word being used to address someone. The first was ajoshi. One of the kids sees Bi in the hallway and addresses him as ajoshi. I'm like, Can he do that? I mean, dude's clearly under 30. I get ticked when little kids call me ma'am! Later, in an obligatory scene, Bi takes his love to a love motel where he addresses the woman in charge as "ajumma." It seemed much more appropriate on that occasion because the woman was obviously middle aged.

While I'm glad to know my soap opera watching has some value, I really wish I could shake the impression that Lee Dong Gun looks like this Lance Bass. It's both distracting and disconcerting.


Kay said...

Oh yeah, I meant to tell you that I love crunchy roll!

I watch it to see a bunch of J-dramas but maybe I should start watching some Korean dramas to get a feel of the language.

When did you say you were going to Korea? I read you were trying to do SMOE, right? :)