It's that time of year again:
Time for Rain and Stephen Colbert to face off on the Time Magazine 100 Most Influential People list! Basically, the magazine editors compile a list and "the public" votes online for a second list. Basically, it's a popularity contest. I don't even know how Rain got on there, but he's not disappearing any time soon.

Last year Colbert made a video decrying his 2nd place status to a mere "pop star" and this year, he's squealing, "Oh my God, Rain knows who I am!" ROFL! [video below]

It all makes for some entertaining television. Let's just hope our boy has learned enough English to make an appearance on the Colbert Report.


Kay said...

TOO FUNNY!! My Mum loves Colbert's dance moves. I think she has a semi-crush on him. We're watching Colbert right now, and I hope he updates on the whole Rain thing. :D

Anaylli said...

I think Rain is supposed to be on Colbert, should be funny!